Name: Rosie Mankee

Date of Birth: 22nd October 1990

Place of Birth: Northampton

Nationality: British

Occupation: PE Teacher

Year Joined Tendring Volleyball Club: 2013

Started coaching:

Teams Currently Coaching: Tendring Ladies Academy, Tendring Technology College Under 16's, Tendring Technology College Under 18's

Former Clubs Coached: East Regional Team

Started playing Vollyball: 2001

Former Clubs as a Player: Newcastle Staffs, Sheffield, Leeds Carnegie

Favourite Food: My own chicken, leek and bacon pie!

Favourite TV: Greys Anatomy

Most annoying thing about Volleyball: Having no weekends!

Favourite thing about Volleyball: Seeing my girls do well!

Best memory in sport: Coaching the East Under 16 girls last year when we cam back from 21-8 down to win the set and the game!

Goal in life: Cliché as ever, but to be successful and happy!

General info about you: I also play rugby for Saracens