Fixtures & Results
National League and KO Cup 2015/16

Red = Cup

Date Home Away Venue Warm-up Match Start Result
Sat,03/10/2015Tendring VC LadiesTeam NorthumbriaTendring Tech College12:3013:00L 0:3
Sat,24/10/2015Tendring VC LadiesCity of SalfordTendring Tech College15:0015:30L 1:3
Sun,01/11/2015Surrey OrcasTendring VC LadiesACG Egham12:0012:30L 3:0
Sat,07/11/2015Polonia SideOut LondonTendring VC LadiesSt Benedict's School17:3018:00L 3:0
Sun,15/11/2015Tendring VC LadiesInter (London)Tendring Tech College12:3013:00W 3:0
Sat,21/11/2015Tendring VC LadiesPolonia Side Out LondonUni of Essex Sports Hall17:0017:30L 0:3
Sun,22/11/2015Tendring VC LadiesTeam South WalesTendring Tech College11:0011:30W 3:2
Sat,05/12/2015IMKA PoloniaTendring VC LadiesSt Benedict's School19:0019:30W 1:3
Sat,12/12/2015Malory London WomenTendring VC LadiesErnest Bevin College12:3013:00W 2:3
Sat,09/01/2016Team NorthumbriaTendring VC LadiesSport Central12:4513:15L 3:0
Sun,10/01/2016City of SalfordTendring VC LadiesFit City Eccles13:0013:30W 2:3
Sat,23/01/2016Tendring VC LadiesWessex W1Uni of Essex Sports Hall13:3014:00W 3:2
Sun,14/02/2016Wessex W1Tendring VC LadiesLeAF12:0012:30L 3:2
Sat,27/02/2016Tendring VC LadiesMalory London WomenTendring Tech College12:3013:00W 3:0
Sat,05/03/2016Team South WalesTendring VC LadiesGlamorgan Sports Park11:0011:30W 0:3
Sat,12/03/2016Tendring VC LadiesSurrey OrcasTendring Tech College12:3013:00W 3:0
Sat,26/03/2016England Junior WomenTendring VC LadiesKettering14:0014:30W 3:0
Sat,09/04/2016S8 Play off-Salford Tendring VC LadiesFit City Eccles12:3013:00W 3:0