Fixtures & Results
National League 2015/16

Red = Cup

Date Home Away Venue Warm-up Match Start Result
Sat,26/09/2015Norwich SpikersTendring VC Men 2St Albans School for Girls13:0013:30L 1:3
Sat,26/09/2015St Albans HarriersTendring VC Men 2St Albans School for Girls15:0015:30W 2:3
Sun,18/10/2015Richmond Volleyball 2Tendring VC Men 2Kingston Arena10:3011:00W 0:3
Sun,18/10/2015Tendring VC Men 2Essex JuniorsKingston Arena12:3013:00W 3:2
Sun,13/12/2015Tendring VC Men 2Newmarket VCTendring Tech College 11:0011:30W 3:2
Sun,13/12/2015Tendring VC Men 2Dartford MenTendring Tech College 15:0015:30W 3:2
Sun,20/12/2015Tendring VC Men 2Essex JuniorsUni of Essex Sports Hall10:3011:00W 3:0
Sun,20/12/2015Tendring VC Men 2Norwich SpikersUni of Essex Sports Hall14:3015:00W 3:2
Sun,17/01/2016London AcesTendring VC Men 2Battersea Youth Centre10:0010:30L 3:1
Sun,17/01/2016Richmond Volleyball 2Tendring VC Men 2Battersea Youth Centre12:0012:30W 0:3
Sat,23/01/2016Tendring VC Men 2St Albans HarriersTendring Tech College10:3011:00W 3:0
Sat,23/01/2016Tendring VC Men 2EBC Greenhouse (London)Tendring Tech College14:3015:00W 3:0
Sun,21/02/2016Dartford MenTendring VC Men 2Newmarket Leisure Centre12:3013:00W 0:3
Sun,21/02/2016Newmarket VCTendring VC Men 2Newmarket Leisure Centre14:3015:00W 1:3
Sun,13/03/2016Tendring VC Men 2EBC Greenhouse (London)Tendring Tech College10:3011:00W 3:0
Sun,13/03/2016Tendring VC Men 2London AcesTendring Tech College14:3015:00L 0:3