7th November 2015, Tendring women travel to Ealing Broadway to face Polonia SideOut. For the team’s first meet this season, Tendring have been playing hard and focusing on their defence for what is sure to be a very athletic and challenging game. 

Tendring warmed up with high motivation, fully prepared to fight for every point in their first game against Polonia. After a shaky start in the first set 8-1 down, Tending found their rhythm in the pass and presented some aggressive serving from the baseline, especially from Fran Smith-Daye. During this set, Tending built momentum, however unfortunately found themselves chasing for the whole set. 

The second set however, Tendring came out fighting with a really strong start and some aggressive swings. Sadly, just after the first technical, following an outstanding block from Leah McWilliams, she landed upon the foot of an opposition player, twisting and spraining her ankle. Laura Hodgkinson was subbed on to continue the set, and fulfilled this task exceptionally. At this point Tendring were ahead and responded to the loss of their player in a mature manner, continuing to strive forward. A substitution between Molly Van Essen and Jessica Lane saw the end of the set, which despite Tendring’s best efforts, ended 23-25. 

Continuing into the third set, Tendring started with a fresh lineup, including Linda Ziverte, who immediately killed a metre ball on the first pass! Amelia Stamp remained solid in defence, despite the opposition’s aggression in attack. Unfortunately this set too ended in disappointment. Even though Tendering conceived another game, they remain positive for the rest of the season, and believe that today showed their development as a team which can only improve in their upcoming games. 

This weekend’s player’s player went to Laura Hodgkinson, who after replacing Leah McWilliams, played outstandingly through the left side. The match MVP was Leah for her aggressive attack and blocking up until her injury.