After a disappointing loss the day before Tendring were looking to prove that they were better than the previous days results had shown. Although the Marvels side had brought a strong team Tendring got off to a flying start with setter Nick Davies and Opposite hitter Stuart Dove linking well to form some impressive attacks, this meant that Tendring lead at the first technical timeout 8-4. Marvels were unable to answer this and an in form Tendring side continued to push forward increasing their lead before reaching the second technical timeout at 16-8. Coming out of the second timeout impressive serving from Rob Chilcoat and Contantions Yiannakkos meant that Marvels found it hard to form a decent attack and Tendring took the first set 25-15.

Unfortunately Tendring struggled to find the same form they had in the first and Marvels pushed for 6-2 lead which meant coach Porter was forced to call a timeout to try and refocus his team. The away team by now had found their rhythm and began to build upon disappointing errors that the Tendring side were making, this continued throughout the second set and Marvels took the set 25-19.

Tendring knew they had to find a response if they did not want to lose. Yiannakkos took it upon himself to start the set well for Tendring and make some impressive kills however this wasn’t enough as Marvels took the lead at the beginning. A cluster of good points from Tendring meant they were right back in it with Jack Bruce performing good defence but this seemed it would not be quite enough as Marvels answer with different shot selections causing them to take the third 28-26.

In the fourth Tendring seemed to reach another gear as they got off to a flying start reaching the first technical timeout with a 6 point lead over their opponents. The onslaught of attacks through the middle by Derek Guimond and Mitch Lawrence meant that the team continued to push forward leaving Marvels behind and finishing the set with an incredible 15 point lead over their opponents.

After the fourth set Tendring knew they had the capacity to beat the Marvels they just had to finish strong and with every player on court doing their job that is exactly what happened. The final set score was 15-11 to Tendring and they take the game 3-2 in sets.

MVP Konstantinos Yiannakkos