Tendring sent shockwaves throughout Super 8's and Division 1 of the NVL this weekend with an assertive match against previously #1 ranked Docklands VC.

Hot from the start, Tendring hustled out to a 8-4 lead through a series of strong team blocking, attacking through the middle, and a service run by Yiannakkos. Docklands appeared unprepared for the aggressive Tendring onslaught throughout the majority of the first set. Alex Porter would find the sport court troublesome as he averaged .75 trips per set. Tendring would build a seemingly insurmountable 23-18 lead through excellent execution of the middle bic attack, efficient hitting from Robert Chilcoat and Alex Porter, and superior aggressiveness at the net. In spite of excellent defense from Captain Dove and Yiannakkos, a series of Tendring service errors and shaky passing against a solid Docklands close would see the score at 26-24, Docklands ahead 1-0.


On fire from the start of the second set, Tendring would again win the race to the first technical timeout, score 8-5. Docklands were an incredible defensive presence throughout the match, getting a touch on many Tendring attacks. Two more bics by Chilcoat and Yiannakkos followed by a post-timeout service run from Dove would push Tendring ahead three more points. Docklands kept in it but the Tendring pin-hitters applied loads of attack pressure. A block by Alex Porter and an overpass kill from Robert Chilcoat extended Tendring's lead 16-12. The Tendring Bench Mob began to engage in the match, adding fuel to the Tendring fire. Two stuff-blocks by Yiannakkos and Derek Guimond forced a Docklands timeout. A Yiannakkos ace kept the momentum building and Tendring finished the set out with a score of 25-23 match tied 1-1.

Tendring was blocked the first two plays of the third set, but Stuart Dove ended the dismal start with a stunning rip from the back row. Before winning the race to the first technical timeout 8-7, the great wall of D (Stuart Dove and Derek Guimond) managed to stuff-block the opposition not once, not twice, but thrice! Tendring would continue to be an absolute menace at the net, blocking nearly everything in sight. A stellar defensive effort by Robert Chilcoat and Jack Bruce led to a crucial point-score and a Docklands timeout in order to reconfigure their strategy. Post timeout, the great wall of D produced yet another block, thoroughly undermining Docklands' offensive confidence. A smooth middle kill by Guimond saw Tendring ahead 16-12. Docklands would attempt to battle back into the lead, and they nearly broke Tendring's composure; however, Alex Porter summoned Essex University Chester Searle to the stage. Searle added some much needed energy to the court as his first pass was a perfect one leading to a kill. Tendring finished off set number three with a 25-23 win off of a stunning game-point block of former olympian Pink by Guimond.

Tendring began set number 4 in rather poor fashion and the outlook for the set was grim as Docklands quickly won the race to their first technical timeout lead of the match at 8-3. Tendring fought back but saw themselves down at the second technical timeout 16-9. However, there was no quit in Tendring this day and a series of fantastic defensive plays would keep the set alive for Tendring. There were magicians in the back row producing dig after dig after dig. A Robert Chilcoat service run in concomitance with vitally commendable support from the benchmosphere slashed the Docklands lead at a tie score of 20-20. Tendring would come back behind and win the fourth set in spite of Dockalnds' terrific play finishing the match 3-1.