Having just come off a comfortable win against Richmond 2, the

turnaround was pretty quick for the second match of the triangular.

Tendring started with the same line up they had for the first match
with Chinnery setting, Lawrie and Dacey outside, Chapman and Nash
middle, Rhodes opposite and Searle at libero.

The line up seemed to have worked well in the first match and the
group seemed to have come through unscathed.

The first set went as planned with Tendring getting to the first
technical tumour in the lead.  The set went well with Chinnery find
get a good connection with his hitters. Some incredible service
pressure from Lawrie extended the lead from 18-11 to 24-11 with the
sett finishing 25-12.

Team Essex Juniors came out firing in the second set and third set.
Some uncharacteristic hitting errors and net faults at critical times
allowed the young men from Chelmsford to seal the wins in those sets
25-23 and 27-25.

With the pressure on in the fourth set, both teams brought their A
games. Lawrie started to feature again offensively with Chinnery
finding him more regularly. Rhodes and Dacey started to find their
mojo with a good balance of power and control. The sideout offence was
in good flow with the Tendring managing to sideout on reception on a
regular basis. Both teams served tough but a flourish of kills from
Lawrie sealed it for Tendring 25-21.

Come the fifth set Chinnery lost the toss and elected to receive. Team
Essex Juniors won the first point with a kill block by England
International Matt Ketley on Rhodes.


Tendring sideout on the hitting error from the young middle from Team
Essex Juniors.


Dacey gets on a good service run. Kill from Lawrie.


Unforced error from Team Essex.


Kill from Lawrie.


Service error.


Tendring sideout with an attack error from Team Essex Juniors.


Chapman serves and Tendring win the point with another attack error
from Team Essex Juniors.


Kill from Parish


Sideout to Tendring straight away with a Team Essex Junior error.


Rhodes back to serve. Ace!


Time to change ends!

Another unforced error.


Kill from Lawrie


Kill from Lawrie


Kill from Lawrie


Service error


Lawrie kill


Attack error.


Tendring error with Nash caressing the net sliding out of Chinnery's way.


Attack error from Nash missing the court by inches on the fast attack.


Service error ends the set and the match.


Tendring setter Liam Chinnery nominated MVP for his setting
performance. Lawrie understandably disappointed to have missed out but
didn't fancy writing the match report anyway!

Well done to everyone involved. Special mention to Cameron Rhodes
making his M3SE debut out of position and doing a standout job in the

Both James Chapman and Jack Nash were ever faithful in the middle and
were likely thankful for having a libero this time around!

Chester Searle lost his way early in the match but then regained his
confidence and form delivering a very stable pass when it mattered.

Tom Dacey also made his season debut and stepped up making some great
passes, excellent pickups and big points both on the service line and
in attack.

Craig Lawrie was simply unstoppable through 8 sets of volleyball
today. While he didn't get the votes it was clear that when both
Richmond and Team Essex Juniors asked questions of us, he was the

The win takes us to second place in the league table with 3 wins and
one loss. We now have time to prepare for our next fixture on the 20th
December v Norwich Spikers and Team Essex Juniors at the University of