As we arrived at the competition we so pumped and excited, our first game was against Ashcombe 2. It was our first competition of the season so as we started off we began to get back into the swing of things and working together as a team. Throughout the first set we began to talk to each other more and more talking about where the gaps were in the oppositions court and where to serve. We had started to play as team and help each other wherever we could.

Once we won the first set and into the beginning of the second set Ashcombe started to raise their game making it more of a challenge for us. They then started to make mistakes making it easier for us to complete the set again. They played some tough shots in which we had to change our defensive system to, but we worked as a team to make it work. Our serving became stronger and put more pressure on the opposition helping us get ahead in the set.

Into the third set they started to play more difficult shots, but this didn’t phase us. We still managed to attack every time and whenever they attacked we managed to a touch on the block making it easier for ourselves to create an attack. We fought our best and managed to win the game 3-0. Our service pressure was much tougher in the last set as some players had streaks of 5-6 serves in a row putting pressure on the opposition.

The first game warmed up nicely for the second game against Essex Juniors. It helped us prepare for the second game as we got back into the swing of player with each other and helped us gel as a team in order to help and support each other for the next tough match.