Tendring Heatec extended their impressive win record to 28 victories against Chelmsford on Wednesday night. Heatec started strongly in the first set racing to an early lead. Good defensive work from Nick Davies and Libero Chester Searle put Heatec into a strong position. Jack Bruce tore the Chelmsford team apart with a 12 point service run including a top draw jump serve ace to the line. With the team in a dominant position Tom Dean’s impressive backcourt work and passing gave Heatec the cutting edge over Chelmsford. Simon Ibbotson and Stuart Dove smashed through Chelmsford’s defence to push Heatec over the line and record a comfortable 25-9 first set victory.


The second set brought about some changes for Heatec. Simon Ibbotson was switched to the outside; making room for Stuart Dove to swing through is beloved right side. Michael Welham made his full court debut through the middle, coping admirably against his much taller opposite number. Heatec continued their dominance from the first set with good distribution from setter John Embrey. It was clear to see frustration mounting on the other side of the net, as Chelmsford couldn’t cope with Heatec’s considerable firepower through the middle and the wings. Good play from Simon Ibbotson, who has impressed since making his debut against Tendring Lions, proved too much for Chelmsford. Heatec won the second set 25-12.

Heatec started the third and final set with more changes; Stuart Dove was moved into the outside slot. Heatec took a while to find their feet in the third set with the changes seemingly affecting the performance of the team. However Tendring Heatec soon snapped out of their lull and starting swinging for Chelmsford’s court again. Strong hitting from ever-present Steve Parsons swung the balance of play in Heatec's favour. Once the momentum had changed, Heatec again dominated with clever hitting from fan favourite Nick Davies. Great defensive work from Steve Parsons contributed to a fantastic rally on match point. Heatec closed the set 25-16 to win 3-0 (25-9, 25-12, 25-16).

MVP went to Simon Ibbotson