On Monday 31st August Tendring VC held its Annual General Meeting at The Black Boy pub in Weeley. There were an excellent number of members that attended the meeting this year which led to a lot of topics of conversation. Alex Porter, chairman and coach of NVL Men's team, spoke about the injury hampered season for the men but also acknowledged the success of the Men's team, winning the National Shield. Nick Davies, former coach of the NVL Tendring Ladies, also spoke about the ladies promotion to the top league in the country, the Super 8s, and what an achievement this was. This led to conversation of the good mix of players that the ladies have and looking forward to the new players coming in from the University of Essex.

Tom Dean, secretary and player of the EVL Tendring Heatec team then took the floor and spoke about their teams success. Tendring Heatec have been undefeated in the last 2 years. Recently winning the Essex Volleyball League Division 1 and the EVL Rucanor Cup, and how it was good to see ex-students who played socially have now come back together to play competitively again. Jemma Chapman, player of EVL Tendring Tigers, then went on to speak on behalf of the secretary, Claire Palfrey. The team had a good year in the Essex Volleyball League finishing in second place, but unfortunately losing a lot of players this year due to the juniors moving on to other things. Liam Chinnery, newly appointed committee member, went on to speak about the Academy team had a good season in the National Volleyball League.

Kari Chase was voted in as the new club secretary.

Liam Chinnery was voted in as TTC School Link co-oridnator.