Tendring 0 - 3 Polonia

24:26, 17:25, 14:25
Report by Colleen King

Saturday February 10 the Tendring women battled at home against the Polonia volleyball club in a Super 8 National Volleyball League regular season game. Having lost to Polonia the previous weekend in a Cup game, Tendring came out with a fire ready to retaliate the loss.


The two teams battled back and forth, tying at 10-10, then 14-14. The Tendring women pulled ahead after a couple of big hits from outside Sarah Edwards and middle blocker Milly Smith. It was looking like Tendring was going to capture the first set with a score of 23-16 until Polonia went on a service run. Tendring was unable to find their pace in the passing lanes and the two teams stared each other down at 24-24. With one Tendring error and a kill from Polonia, Polonia won the 1st set 26-24.

The second set Tendring saw some big hits from Mechell Daniel who led the team with 6 kills. Setter Lois Chitticks had a few sneaky tips that caught the Polonia women's defense off guard, but the force of Polonia's offense and serve proved to be a bit too much for the Tendring women in the second set. Polonia ran away with the set winning 25-18.

The third and final set Tendring came out ready to fight. A monstrous kill on a slide set by Skye Gullatt brought the crowd to their feet! Milly Smith quickly followed up the excitement blocking a swing from Polonia's middle hitter straight to the floor! However, the experienced Polonia team remained steady, making very few errors. They finished the match by winning the third set 25-14.

Overall, the gym was filled with excitement as the two teams battled. The intensity and rivalry between the two teams was felt by anyone who experienced watching the competition. The teams will play again this Sunday February 18 on Polonia's home court. Stay tuned. Go Tendring!