Tendring Men's 1st 3 - 1 Leeds

25-13, 25-17, 24-26, 25-16

Report by Derek Sullivan

In a city far far away, where most of team Tendring has to find their own path to the battlefront, Leeds brings in their heavy weaponry. While their imperial hitter swings from the right side, their offence is lead by no other than their dark lord setter. As the battle starts team Tendring comes off with a heavy offence from their cannons. Owen Lamb, whom they call 'Hands', is a solo setter who makes a huge presence with controlling the offence of Tendring.

'Hans' brings a quick and just victory of the first set, with his right side man Chewy. Chewy is able to bring power and precision attacks to the game.

The second set gets off to a good start from a rocket serve from Erik, who lies behind the scenes but always has an impact when the front lines are damaged. Leeds groups in their orbital battle stations on the court, causing chaos among the Tendring players.

As the third set nears it looks like there could be hope for team Tendring, but Leeds shields are up on full strength and their ultimate weapon is not a match for Tendring.

The fourth set begins, and Leeds has all the power and tactics to destroy and take control of the whole gym. There is an alliance among this group of young Tendring rebels, and they figure out that there is a weakness among the almighty force of Leeds. Deep within the shields and front line of Leeds is a hole that only the alliance of Tendring knows about. So in order to win the fourth set and gain victory, they design a tactic to tip and attack the middle of the court where the hole resides.

As this tactic shows signs of a positive advance, Kosta for team Tendring shows off his maneuverable skills while attacking, and saves the fourth set a bang. With a swift 3-1 victory, Tendring is now safe from troubles.