Polonia 3 - 1 Tendring Ladies

25-16, 25-21, 18-25, 25-20

Report by Chris Frost

It was the first game back from the Christmas break and the last game for one of the players, Fernanda Guimaraes. She would be returning back to Brazil, so a big performance was required to send her off in the right way, as she has helped the club massively not only through her coaching or playing level but by her passing her knowledge onto others.

The first set started and both teams were shaky and struggled with the service pressure. Tendring were always chasing due to more pressure being applied by Polonia with their serve, Polonia played some strong block defence and took the first set

The second set followed the same trend as the first, and Tendring couldn't get out of one rotation which allowed too much of a distance to be created between the 2 teams.

With a score of 2-0 the girls responded in the right manner. They cut down on unforced errors, and put the pressure back on Polonia to win the big points. Some big hitting by Chaniel Nelson and some great blocking by Jacky Skeen and Karis Watson helped gain the advantage. Rebecca Saunders also kept the team calm and focus at the late stage of the set. Tendring took the 3rd,

The fourth started the same as the 3rd, however on one rotation, Polonia regained the momentum with some solid blocking and great hitting from former player Marta Campi. Always chasing to get back in the game and at 19-21 down, Tendring were unable to turn things around and Polonia took the game 3-1