City of Salford 0 - 3 Tendring

23-25, 23-25, 18-25

Report by Chris Frost

Ladies With another good performance against a very strong Team Northumbria the previous day, it was now turn to travel to play Salford for the final game of the 2 game weekend. With a 2 and a half hour trip down from Newcastle the girls were ready.

The girls started how they finished the game before. Tired legs and long journeys real took its toll on the girls and they were slow out of the blocks. With errors playing a big start in the first set momentum was never gained and points were gifted to the opposition whilst their serve reception unit helped them run a good solid offence. Some good block defence 22-23 down in the first helped Tendring to clinch the first set!

Fernanda Guimaraes started the set off with a bang racking up the points with some strong and tough serves helping the team to an 8-1 lead at the first technical. More positivity from Sarah Edwards, Fran Smith-Daye and Amelia Smith helped Tendring keep a firm grasp of the set and enabled them to always have the lead throughout the second set. Tendring once again taking the second set 25-16

The Final set, went again the way of Tendring mainly thanks to some brilliant service runs which was started by Amelia Smith and by Molly Van Essen too. Tendring were able to maintain the advantage through by some smart plays by Jack Skeen and the rest of the Tendring offence. However, pressure was always applied by a persistent City of Salford and without the help of the service runs, Tendring struggled to maintain consistency throughout the game. Tendring won the game 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-18) MVP was awarded to #10 Chaniel Nelson (her first of the year)