Fixtures & Results
National League and KO Cup 2016/17

Red = Cup

Date Home Away Venue Warm-up Match Start Result
Sat 07/10/2017Team Durham WomenTendring LadiesDurham University Sport 13:3014:00L 3:0
Sun 08/10/2017Team Northumbria WomenTendring LadiesSport Central Newcastle13:1513:45L 3:0
Sun 15/10/2017Tendring LadiesBirmingham Volleyball ClubUniversity of Essex17:1517:45L 1:3
Sat 04/11/2017Tendring LadiesOxford Students WomenUniversity of Essex13:1513:45W 3:0
Sun 12/11/2017Tendring LadiesRhinos - St Phillips -CambridgeUniversity of Essex12:1512:45W 3:0
Sat 18/11/2017Wessex Women 1Tendring LadiesLeAF14:0014:30W 2:3
Sun 03/12/2017Cambridge UniversityTendring LadiesCambridge Uni15:0015:30W 0:3
Sat 09/12/2017Tendring LadiesPulsepoint London OrcasUniversity of Essex12:1512:45L 2:3
Sat 13/01/2018Pulsepoint London OrcasTendring LadiesCaius House17:3018:00L 3-2
Sun 14/01/2018Oxford Students WomenTendring Ladies11:0011:30W 3-0
Sat 20/01/2018Birmingham Volleyball ClubTendring LadiesDoug Ellis Sports Centre11:3012:00W 0:3
Sun 28/01/2018Tendring LadiesPoloniaUniversity of Essex
Sat 10/02/2018Tendring LadiesPolonia SideOut LondonUniversity of Essex17:1517:45
Sun 18/02/2018Polonia SideOut LondonTendring LadiesSt Benedict's School, Ealing 14:1514:45
Sat 24/02/2018Semi FinalTendring LadiesAway
Sat 03/03/2018Tendring LadiesTeam Durham WomenUniversity of Essex14:1514:45
Sat 17/03/2018Tendring LadiesTeam Northumbria WomenUniversity of Essex11:1511:45
Sat 24/03/2018Tendring LadiesWessex Women 1University of Essex17:1517:45